Dangers of Competition Prep

Dangers of Contest Prep: Metabolic Disorders and Health Risks for Women If you’ve ever competed in a bikini, figure, physique, fitness show or any form of bodybuilding, you’ll know just how physically and mentally draining contest prep can be. Anybody that says contest prep is easy has either never competed before, or they’re not telling the all-inclusive... Continue Reading →

3 Tips to Staying Motivated

We can all envision ourselves walking down the street looking and feeling great. Or strolling down the beach and noticing others glance over their shoulders to admire your beautifully ripped abs. Feeling so confident, realizing all of your hard work has paid off. You pinch yourself and realize it's not a dream. Most fitness enthusiasts... Continue Reading →

Cheat Meal vs a Refeed Day

While both are beneficial only one is optimal. A cheat meal usually turns out to an all you can eat buffet of food, most likely consisting of food that has high fat content. Although this meal can be put in to place for mental ease and with the intention to fill glycogen stores, quite a... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Crushing your Prep

It would seem there are a handful of tips that most competitors, both amateurs and Pros would agree with and choose to live by. No doubt preparing for a competition is a long term process, both physically and mentally tough, with rewards that are gratifying, the biggest reward being the process of learning how to... Continue Reading →

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