Check-ins to Show Day

The time has come, the moment is here. You have prepped for this, sweat for this, ate for this and dreamed of this. Hi, my name is Rosada! I am a mom, wife, health and life coach, legging lover and an amateur bikini competitor. I am 35 years old and never thought I would compete... Continue Reading →

What to Take Backstage to your Bikini/Figure/Wellness Competition

By IFBB Bikini Pro Carla Garthwaite SuitJewelryCompetition HeelsBlanketNumber buttonPillowFlip FlopsA bag with rollers (doesn't hang on shoulders)Hair spray, brush, combWater and mealsPump up bandPhone and chargerHeadphonesMake upBody sprayListerine (don't chew gum)Pee cupRobe or button down shirtPump up snack before stage (coach permitting)

Dangers of Competition Prep

Dangers of Contest Prep: Metabolic Disorders and Health Risks for Women If you’ve ever competed in a bikini, figure, physique, fitness show or any form of bodybuilding, you’ll know just how physically and mentally draining contest prep can be. Anybody that says contest prep is easy has either never competed before, or they’re not telling the all-inclusive... Continue Reading →

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