Best Glute Building Exercises

Are you getting ready to strut your stuff at a bikini, figure, fitness or physique competition? Well you won’t be strutting much without nice, firm rounded glutes.

A nice butt is the centerpiece for every female competitors figure. Sure, the rest of your physique needs to be well-toned and defined too. But, if you don’t round the glutes, you get the boot!

So as you enter competition prep, utilize these 5 glute exercise:

*Wide-legged Squats

Every Instagram model’s favorite exercise is actually the best glute builder! But instead of doing regular ole squats, widen your stance to activate your glutes even more.

Be sure to squat as deep as humanly possible to really make your butt work.

*Deadlifts (and it’s variations)

Right behind wide-leg squats are deadlifts. This exercise not only builds your glutes, but your hamstrings as well. Every bikini and figure competitor needs to have strong, defined hamstrings to highlight the glutes even more.

Incorporating regular deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts (also called Romanian deadlift), and other deadlift variations into your exercise routine will pay dividends for your lower body.

*Hip Thrust

Let’s be real. The hip thrust is an awkward, embarrassing exercise to perform. However, it is one that does a great job of rounding your glutes. The top bikini competitors do it. The top figure competitors do it. So you should definitely consider adding this exercise to your workout repertoire.

There are several hip thrust variations. The barbell, band, and single-leg variations are what you want to focus on.

*Dumbbell Lunges

An exercise that does a phenomenal job of correcting any lower body muscle imbalances is lunges. While not known primarily as a butt exercise, research shows that lunges activate the glute muscles.

To further activate them, perform the dumbbell version of lunges.

*Butt Blaster Machine

Some exercise machines are useless, but not the butt blaster! It allows you to safely perform a glute-targeted movement that can’t be easily replicated with free weights.

Those 5 exercises will help you prep for your competition. Oh, and they ensure your glutes are rounded and stand out, whether in a bikini or in a dress!

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