Tips from an IFBB Bikini Pro

I know the first thing everyone expects to read about when they hear a blog called “Tips from a Bikini Pro” is advice about supplements, suits and booty exercises. But you can find that on Instagram any given day.  I want to help prepare your mind; because once you’re mentally prepared the rest is easy. This sport is way more mentally challenging then physically and once you get control of your mind you can do anything!

Tip number 1:  Find Your Why!

Ask yourself why you want to compete, and be completely honest with yourself.  If your why falls under the categories of proving to someone you can do it, just to turn pro, or just to win do yourself a favor a find a different outlet!

Tip 2: If you have ever had any type eating disorder, DO NOT COMPETE in this sport!

I repeat do not compete in bodybuilding if you have ever had an eating disorder at any point in your life.  There is a 90% change it will resurface in some form.

Tip umber 3: Do your research on selecting a coach!

Do your own research when it comes to finding a coach! If you know any veteran competitors ask for guidance.  If you find a coach you are interested in ask for references from current and past clients.  The truth of the matter is here are tons of ways to achieve a competitive physique but the philosophy to get you there is what will make or break your experience.  We all have different tolerances and require something different from a coach! It’s important to communicate those needs in advance!

Tip number 4: Focus on You!

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing! Don’t compare yourself to other competitors! Block out the noise!

Tip number 5: Don’t waste money!

This sport is very expensive. Spend money on the things that matter like a quality coach, quality supplements and quality food. Don’t spend a bunch on money on your suits initially.  To put it in perspective I turned Pro in a suit I spent $350 on and $90 worth of stones I bought on amazon and added myself! Also my go-to for ALL things prep related I go to COMPETITION KIT.

Tip number 6: Remember it’s an individual sport!

Don’t expect those around you to make the sacrifices you make or to understand your choices.

Tip umber 7: Take responsibility for your choices!

Across the board! Your decision to compete. Your commitment. Your coach. Your prep style. etc

Tip number 8: Trust the process!

You will hear it time and time again, and as cliche as it sounds, it’s a thing!Your current physique didn’t happen overnight, and it it’s not going to change overnight, or in a week or a month!

Tip number 9: Your heath comes first!

We do this to be healthy not just look it!

Tip number 10: Enjoy the process!

Another cliche…but it’s a thing! This sport is way more mental than physical.  You will look back over your prep and have the most rewarding feeling on game day win or lose if you’re doing this for the right reason!

Article written by IFBB Bikini Pro Shonte Turner, creator of the SwapTRAP. Follow Shonte on Instagram

The SwapTRAP is a was scientifically designed to fit and wick away moisture from any standard waist trimmer on the market! Click HERE to get yours.


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