Building your Brand in the Fitness Industry

3 simple ways to build your brand in the fitness industry

The fitness industry is booming with business day by day. There was a time when people would aimlessly join the gym so that they can try out the smoothies served at the bar and of course, flaunt their athleisure before their friends.  Today, a gym membership is more than just a card with a name in exchange for a weekly ritual of push-ups and cardio.

Today, fitness is not just a hobby – it is an ardent lifestyle and there is no reason why you shouldn’t cash in on it. Fitness enthusiasts are out there – doing endless donkey kicks – and encouraging emerging aspirants to try their new line of yoga pants or meal plans and protein concoctions.

However, in order to emerge as a successful entrepreneur in the fitness industry, you need to build your brand, but you can’t do it without identifying your niche and targeted audience. All you need is a sense of direction and strategy. Mentioned below are 3 simple ways that will help you build your brand in the fitness industry.

1)   Identify your Niche:

Before you jump on the bandwagon and decide on capitalizing on your efforts in the fitness industry, you have to identify your niche and how it sets you apart from a sea full of sharks. There are plenty of competitors in business which is why it is necessary to set your brand apart with personalization and professionalism.

Why should anyone be interested in your services when they can easily find someone on Instagram? Highlight your niche and decide where you hold expertise in.

For instance, if you believe you’re an exceptional yoga instructor, then you can hold premium classes with weekly tutorials online and target your best customers with discounts. You can also sell merchandise related to yoga which will later on help in your branding and marketing as well. Similarly, if your niche lies in hosting diet or weight-loss plans or if your work-out sessions target a specific region of the body, then you can use it to establish your brand’s voice.

2)   Establish a website:

It’s the digital era – gone are the times when you would rely on outbound marketing to spread your brand voice to reach your targeted audience. After identifying your niche, you have to build an e-commerce platform so that it facilitates customers and users online. Hire a web developer that knows the basics and the importance of hosting a website with your preferred demographics.

Most fitness enthusiasts have established a website that not only helps to speak volumes about their brand professionally, but also helps them to reach a greater number of people globally. Make sure your e-commerce platform is updated with real-time data analytics.

These analytics will allow you to look into the data of your targeted audience and discover their preferences from the browser history. Real-time data analytics and demographics will help you identify your targeted audience with ease, and therefore, will allow you to develop campaigns that will keep them interested to your merchandise and services on a large scale.

3)   Establish a social media campaign:

The digital era is dominated by millennials and Generation Z users, and you have to do as they say ‘go where your audience is.’ Now that you’ve established your website and gathered data about your users, you need to develop authentic social media campaigns so that you can reach out and keep them engaged.

·       Identify social media channels:

For starters, identify the social media channels that are intensively populated by your target audience. Today, people are taking over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. However, you have to curate content that best fits the logistics of these channels. For instance, video content and ephemeral content are making waves on Instagram and might be the future of social media as well its present.

·       Produce interactive content:

E-mail is still the best way to reach out to people, but honestly, it hasn’t been as popular in converting leads into possible sales as other types of content. People want your content to be more interactive, engaging and personalized which is why you can look into establishing user personas for your clientele on your website as well.

·       Learn how you can promote:

You can post stories on Instagram regarding your inventory and sponsor it them with ads so that it reaches a large number of people based on their search history. You can also run 6 minute bumper ads of your merchandise on YouTube so that people who look for fitness tutorials can get updated regarding your website and consequently, product deals. Use hashtags! You can reach numerous potential clients with hashtags and it’s free.

You need to promote your brand in order to build its presence on social media. People are more interested in learning about your brand’s effect on others, which is why collaborating with B2B or B2C influencers and running testimonials on your website might be two of the greatest ideas to keep your audience equipped.

Your brand needs to grow and before you start off with marketing strategies; you have to realize your brand’s credibility and potential. We hope this was enough to make you understand how you can build your brand and its presence on social media accordingly. Ask yourself, “Does your brand have a voice that people can resonate with?”


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