7 Tips for Crushing your Prep

It would seem there are a handful of tips that most competitors, both amateurs and Pros would agree with and choose to live by. No doubt preparing for a competition is a long term process, both physically and mentally tough, with rewards that are gratifying, the biggest reward being the process of learning how to live a healthy lifestyle. Here’s 7 tips to help you live your best life and Crush your prep!

  1. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Ashley Kaltwasser and Hunter Labrada both agree, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is one of the hardest things to do but absolutely necessary in order to affect change. Get a trainer, get a workout partner, from time to time training at a different gym where they have different equipment or train outdoors, change the tempo or change the rest period. There are so many ways you can mix it up to challenge yourself!
  2. Extend the amount of time you keep the muscle under tension. I not only heard this from the ladies, I also heard if from the men! You can never go wrong with slow, controlled movements. Proper form performed at a super slow pace allows you to make the mind muscle connection and maximize the effectiveness of the exercise. You may have to lighten the weights (and yes check your ego at the door), and it may take a little longer to get through the workout, but the results are totally worth it!
  3. Surround yourself with positivity. From 8X Mr. Olympia Lee Haney to your local football coach, they’ve all said it at some point, positivity breeds positivity. Having the people around you that will support your efforts, hold you accountable, and pushes you to be your best, will help you enjoy the process and get the results you’re seeking. If you are having doubts as to whether spending time with someone is time well spent, then carve out more time to spend with those that feed your energy and bring your joy.
  4. Strive to be your best. Don’t settle for mediocrity, instead strive for excellence. Never give up, and don’t cheat on yourself, instead do your best at everything you do. Set the bar high and reach for it every day. Be the example for all those you meet and give back where you can. Sharing your knowledge and experience with others is gratifying and enriches your community.
  5. Enjoy the journey. While competing is one goal, our ultimate goal is to be happy and healthy. Enjoy the process, learn and grow from each experience, and live a lifestyle that makes your smile and energized to get your day started.
  6. Making progress takes time. Have patience. It can be exciting to see the changes taking place, insightful learning how your body responds to small changes in your training, nutrition, cardio or environment, and empowering knowing you have the ability to shape the body to achieve the results your deserve.
  7. Be productive. We all know the sayings, a body in motion stays in motion and never let a day go to waste. Don’t wait until tomorrow, or put it off until later. Tackle your challenges and chores head on. Make the most of your time because it makes you feel good to accomplish the things on your “to do” list and feeling good makes us happy.


Article from Southern Muscle Guide 2019


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