7 Tips for Crushing your Prep

It would seem there are a handful of tips that most competitors, both amateurs and Pros would agree with and choose to live by. No doubt preparing for a competition is a long term process, both physically and mentally tough, with rewards that are gratifying, the biggest reward being the process of learning how to... Continue Reading →

NPC Bikini & Figure Competition Shoes

You’re leaning out, elegant, and a shoo-in to grace your physique on any stage with those french-tipped toes of yours. While we’re talking about stages, let’s talk about how you can be a shoo-in for winning any NPC Bikini, Figure, or Fitness Competition. However, you aren’t going anywhere near the stage without the perfect accessory... Continue Reading →

Tips from an IFBB Bikini Pro

I know the first thing everyone expects to read about when they hear a blog called “Tips from a Bikini Pro” is advice about supplements, suits and booty exercises. But you can find that on Instagram any given day.  I want to help prepare your mind; because once you’re mentally prepared the rest is easy.... Continue Reading →

My First Competition

The Start I had always been into working out and being active. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have the mental capacity, genes, and athleticism to accomplish NPC competing, much less having a set of solid abs! Abs was always a dream of mine, one I come to made... Continue Reading →

Reverse Dieting

After months of hard work to chisel your body into perfect shape for a physique competition, the dreaded post-competition rebound can be tough to avoid. Try reverse dieting, a strategy to prevent the metabolic disruption, weight gain, and depression that come after restricting your diet for a figure competition. What Is Reverse Dieting? Reverse dieting... Continue Reading →

Best Glute Building Exercises

Are you getting ready to strut your stuff at a bikini, figure, fitness or physique competition? Well you won’t be strutting much without nice, firm rounded glutes. A nice butt is the centerpiece for every female competitors figure. Sure, the rest of your physique needs to be well-toned and defined too. But, if you don’t... Continue Reading →

Packing for a Show

As a new competitor, it’s difficult to know what you should pack for your first show. Here’s is a detailed list of all the essentials. Print this checklist! Suit (x2 if you have an extra one) Shoes (x2 if you have them) Jewelry Clothing/robe to wear after your tan Sheets for the hotel bed Flip... Continue Reading →

Intermittent Fasting

Nutrition is a key factor when preparing for a competition. One option to consider is intermittent fasting which is essentially, a break from eating. Some people choose to take day-long breaks then eat normally on the other four or five days a week, while others eat only during specified eight hours of a day and... Continue Reading →

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