3 Tips to Staying Motivated

We can all envision ourselves walking down the street looking and feeling great. Or strolling down the beach and noticing others glance over their shoulders to admire your beautifully ripped abs. Feeling so confident, realizing all of your hard work has paid off. You pinch yourself and realize it's not a dream. Most fitness enthusiasts... Continue Reading →

Cheat Meal vs a Refeed Day

While both are beneficial only one is optimal. A cheat meal usually turns out to an all you can eat buffet of food, most likely consisting of food that has high fat content. Although this meal can be put in to place for mental ease and with the intention to fill glycogen stores, quite a... Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Crushing your Prep

It would seem there are a handful of tips that most competitors, both amateurs and Pros would agree with and choose to live by. No doubt preparing for a competition is a long term process, both physically and mentally tough, with rewards that are gratifying, the biggest reward being the process of learning how to... Continue Reading →

NPC Bikini & Figure Competition Shoes

You’re leaning out, elegant, and a shoo-in to grace your physique on any stage with those french-tipped toes of yours. While we’re talking about stages, let’s talk about how you can be a shoo-in for winning any NPC Bikini, Figure, or Fitness Competition. However, you aren’t going anywhere near the stage without the perfect accessory... Continue Reading →

Tips from an IFBB Bikini Pro

I know the first thing everyone expects to read about when they hear a blog called “Tips from a Bikini Pro” is advice about supplements, suits and booty exercises. But you can find that on Instagram any given day.  I want to help prepare your mind; because once you’re mentally prepared the rest is easy.... Continue Reading →

My First Competition

The Start I had always been into working out and being active. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have the mental capacity, genes, and athleticism to accomplish NPC competing, much less having a set of solid abs! Abs was always a dream of mine, one I come to made... Continue Reading →

Reverse Dieting

After months of hard work to chisel your body into perfect shape for a physique competition, the dreaded post-competition rebound can be tough to avoid. Try reverse dieting, a strategy to prevent the metabolic disruption, weight gain, and depression that come after restricting your diet for a figure competition. What Is Reverse Dieting? Reverse dieting... Continue Reading →

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